Monday, 24 January 2011


LIBBY Tan Wooden Platform Peep Toe Sandals - TOPSHOP

about time someone updated this forsaken place.

so the story is, i bought these wonderful loafers, ready as ever to wear them the next day, only to realise that topshop had packed two wrong sizes into the same box. of course, i immediately went down to get them changed, but stocks did not last. the world was, evidently, an imperfect place. and in a unparalleled tornado of misery i was consumed with anxiety. they told me i had to wait for about a week for sales to bring in a new pair.

after about three weeks, no calls. no flirty texts. nothing. i was dumped by a pair of loafers. fortunately, G pointed out these heels to me and a thin sliver of light shone into the dark cave that was my life at the time.

they've been exchanged, and here we are. i still think about the loafers from time to time. the sting is real, and i don't know if i can ever love another pair of loafers quite the same again. but all wounds heal with time, i suppose.

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