Monday, 24 January 2011


LIBBY Tan Wooden Platform Peep Toe Sandals - TOPSHOP

about time someone updated this forsaken place.

so the story is, i bought these wonderful loafers, ready as ever to wear them the next day, only to realise that topshop had packed two wrong sizes into the same box. of course, i immediately went down to get them changed, but stocks did not last. the world was, evidently, an imperfect place. and in a unparalleled tornado of misery i was consumed with anxiety. they told me i had to wait for about a week for sales to bring in a new pair.

after about three weeks, no calls. no flirty texts. nothing. i was dumped by a pair of loafers. fortunately, G pointed out these heels to me and a thin sliver of light shone into the dark cave that was my life at the time.

they've been exchanged, and here we are. i still think about the loafers from time to time. the sting is real, and i don't know if i can ever love another pair of loafers quite the same again. but all wounds heal with time, i suppose.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


dress - vintage, belt - zara, loafers - asos, bag - topshop

i haven't been very disciplined as of late in updating this blog. the weather has been an abomination, and wearing more than one layer is legit self maiming. which is very unfortunate because most nights are cold now because of the rain. i am really looking for some good oxfords right now, amongst the extremely vast landscape of other things on my want list.

i know my hair looks utterly disgusting and dry. it is.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


blazer - secondhand, tank - topshop, denim shorts - cotton on, boots - DM

i am bordering insanity with my obsession with blazers and jackets these days. which is pretty ridiculous considering the fact that i pretty much had this slung over my arm most of the day.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


First attempt at documenting my outfit, I'd say pretty good efforts despite the atrocious picture quality. Absolutely in love with my extreme wide leg pants because it's glamour and comfort all at once. You don't really get that very often...


unfortunately my first look screams bad quality when it is actually pretty well put together.

dug this blazer out of my mom's closet and being the disgusting person that i am, have been living in it for the past four days. it is absolutely glorious. just the right length. but a total bitch to wear in this erratic weather.